Bowflex® MAX App

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FREE Max Trainer® App

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Easy Syncing

The Max Trainer® App effortlessly syncs with your Bowflex Max Trainer® M5 to track total calories burned, time, watts and more. Records and stores every workout for quick reference.

Google Fit App

In our recent update to support Android Lollipop we added support for the new Google Fit platform! Google Fit provides a singular app for viewing a summary of your fitness data as reported by an Android phone, Android Wear device and now, the Max Trainer® App. Workout time, heart rate, calories and several other data types will sync to your Google Fit profile.


Bowflex®Results App

rewards you for every mile and minute you work

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Easy Syncing

The Bowflex™ Results app is designed for the Bowflex™ BXT 216 Treadmills or BXE 216 Elliptical and is a great tool to use while you are training for your next event, managing your weight or simply pushing yourself towards higher fitness goals.

• Track your Goals: Set, monitor, and track personal fitness goals.

• See your progress each week as you improve your fitness level.

• Win Awards and achievements as you hit personal records.

• Keeps a journal of your progress – if you can track it, you can improve it!

Note: this App requires Bowflex™ BXT 216 Treadmill or BXE 216 Elliptical