Nautilus® Trainer App


The Nautilus® Trainer App

Get even more out of your Nautilus equipment.

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Connect with Your Workout

The Nautilus® Trainer App is designed for use with our new line of Bluetooth® enabled Nautilus® cardio products.

The Nautilus Trainer™ app is now even more motivating and engaging with the ability to earn rewards as goals are met and exceeded. Available on both Android™ and IOS™ operating systems..

All Nautilus® fitness products are able to save and upload your workout data for viewing online, syncing with the app MyFitnessPal®, and sharing with friends and family. Plus, after completing your workout, simply save your data on a USB stick and upload it on the website, thus gaining the ability to analyze and track your progress in amazing detail!

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UPLOAD, ANALYZE & TRACK workout data from your Nautilus® equipment!

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